Our vision is to improve the lives of all people each and every day.

All of our products are blessed and energized with Love Energy. And it doesn’t wash out! That’s why you feel so good when wear Love Energy Clothing. 

It's simple (and we all know it). What you give out, you get back. If you show your Love Energy to the people you meet, they will respond and give it back to you. And that feels so good! We make doing that easy enjoyable and fun through our unique designs and bright, comfy clothing and products. 

Our goal is to inspire you and those around you  to show off the Love Energy that is inside each and every one of you. 

We hope you will join us on this journey to bring more loving kindness to our world. Let’s make it the best life ever for all of us!


About Us 

Joey Money, Founder of Love Energy Clothing

Joey Money founded Love Energy Clothing in 2019. As an energy healer, she recognized she was limited as to how many people she could help so she wondered if there were some simple ways to remind each and every one of us to actively make our days feel better as well as those around us. As we all wear clothing (most of the time!), it is a perfect way to send a message of love to not only the person wearing it but also the people who we interact with each day. In addition, she recognized the need to feel physically good was as important so all our clothing feels soft and fabulous to wear.


So what’s a good idea without someone to make it a reality. Enter Jeff Lindh, a long-time friend and talented graphic artist, someone she knew had the ability to translate this vision into the incredible designs and products you see today. Jeff has turned Joey’s design concepts into reality and also developed our special line of skin care products that are both rejuvenating and healing for body and soul